Yoruba Monarchs Advise Politicians To Shun Negative Comments


Ahead of the 2023 general election campaign, Yoruba traditional rulers in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have appealed to politicians to shun all forms of violence and bad words to avoid political heat.

The Chairman of Yoruba Obas in Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC), Abdulrazaq Oyewole who spoke to journalists on Saturday on behalf of other Obas during the FCT Yoruba Council elections, where Bar. Óladokun Ibitoye was elected Yoruba Community chairman of FCT and environment, while Ayeyiola Seyi Akin was elected Yoruba chairman of AMAC.

The monarchs also advised that the role of traditional monarchs during elections should be father to everyone in politics, and that they do not need to be united to one side, but to work Father’s duty to them all.

“As the election approaches, politicians should conduct their campaigns in a peaceful and orderly manner. They should try not to insult each other. They should behave well even though they are politicians.
“We must take our mind off the news that politics is a dirty game, it is not true. Politics is not a dirty game, anyone who plays politics in a dirty way is theirs. Politicians our government should do competent politics that will give Nigeria a good reputation after the elections.
“We advise the youths to shun bad behavior during elections, and they should not allow themselves to be used for bad things, because the politicians will not use their children for bad things during the election. election,” he said.
The traditional monarchs also advised Nigerian youths to apply themselves properly and not allow selfish politicians to do things.
“We advise the youths that if they want to achieve anything, there is no need to use weapons to kill or do bad things during elections, because politicians are send them away and their children will not be allowed to join them.

“They may have their own political party, but that does not give them the right to carry weapons to do evil during elections. They should behave in a mature manner to make us proud,” he said. .

The King also directed the newly elected Yoruba leaders in the FCT to lead other Yoruba people and ensure that they work for the good of those who elected them to lead them.


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