We Want Tinubu As Consensus Candidate, APC Youths, Student Council Say


The All Progressives Congress (APC) Youth and Students Council has announced that the presidential candidate of APC Sen, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is qualified to run for the presidency in 2023, adding that they want all Nigerian youths to consider him as their candidate agreed.

According to the group, there is no medical report that indicates that Tinubu cannot run for the presidency in 2023.

While responding to a question when the group visited the head of media who followed the money, Hamza Lawal in preparation for the upcoming general election, the head of the APC youth and students association, directorate, Mazi Ezenwa Onyirimba, said they want Nigerian youths to take Tinubu. as an advocate of belief because it fits.

“There is no falsified report that shows that Tinubu is not fit to rule the country. Until such news, the man is fit to rule. I believe the youth will challenge Asiwaju because of what he has done for the youth,” Onyirimba said.
In other words, the deputy chairman of the APC Youth and Student Council, Alhaji Tauheed Ozigi, said they want Hamzat Lawal to support Tinubu and also call on the youth to campaign for him.
“We want you to campaign for Tinubu.
working hard to make Tinubu a candidate for the youth,” Ozigi said.

Responding, Hamzat Lawal said that he has decided to enter politics now that he is 35 years old, said that he will meet with Nigerian youths and other stakeholders to decide on the 2023 general election.

Lawal said the youths cannot run away, adding that they will rise up and face different challenges since the current Nigerian leaders and their policies are not working, considering the level of security.

“We cannot continue to work in silence. Your position comes from a position of interest. What comes to me is Nigeria because I am from the country.

“I will listen to the youths as they listen to you but it is Nigerians who will decide the election in 2023. My commitment is to bring 20,000 viewers to the 2023 general election.

“We sent observers to Kenya. We must ensure that we have young people who will look to the polls. Before the general election, I can express interest in one candidate, because every Nigerian with a voter card and above 18 years of age will vote for the candidate.

“One of the things that I will look at is national enforcement. We have to stop the blame game. The elders see us as the problem and the youth see the older generation as the problem. Who will bring the solution? What What is the definition of youth? Before now, people who are 60 years old call themselves youth. The Nigerian law on youth says that it is eighteen to twenty nine years old.

“So sometimes I don’t see myself as a teenager. I will talk to various groups and ask the presidential candidates to know their definition of what they call the youth. We need a cabinet like you and me, the youth industry.

“I want an inclusive president. What are the roles of youth, women and other groups? My message to Nigerians is that the campaign should be based on issues, let’s talk about things that affect our country and our country. Let’s talk about Nigeria. My religion and race do not define who I am. What value do you bring to the table,” Lawal said.


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