Vote Candidates With Track Records, Stakeholders Urge Nigerians


Panelists at the TEDxMaitama conference have urged Nigerians to vote for candidates with unsurpassed records on human capital and economic development as well as security.

The forum is designed to help shape people’s minds to make the best decisions while on the road and while building future-proof ideas under the theme ‘Crossroad’.

The group stressed that despite the challenges facing the youth such as lack of electricity, poor taxation, and insecurity, there are still many opportunities that the youth can invest in and benefit from.

The Convener of TEDxMaitama, Paschal Offordum said that if businesses like paystack, flutter wave, and many technology businesses, are built from Nigeria, then we can still survive in Nigeria because what we have here may not be available in other countries. Therefore, we should try to build our country.
“I had the idea or the intention to travel before but I considered many situations and realized that Nigeria is still the best place to start a business considering the taxes compared to other countries. although the environment is not better.
“Youths should be able to find a way to do things on their own despite the tough environment. Everyone should know that Nigeria is a tough place to survive, but it’s good that you get through it.” challenge those.”

Speaking about the upcoming elections, he said that since independence, political parties have failed the country, adding that it is unfortunate that the Nigerian political environment does not support independent people. them.

However, he encouraged ‘that

voters to vote for qualified candidates with good track records.

In other words, the founder of Welcome2Africa International, Bamidele Seun Owoola said that despite all the challenges in Nigeria, there are opportunities and potential in the country.

According to him, companies in Nigeria are still raising millions of dollars to support Agribusiness in the country, saying that the challenges are all over the world. He said that no country is free from economic challenges, “so we should not be too quick to think of leaving this country to go abroad and look for greener pastures.”

A political activist, Aisha Yesufu has urged the youth to take their dreams seriously.

He said: “It is very important that we know that our dreams are very good and we can move forward not only to achieve what we want to achieve but also to inspire others in the process of achieving what we want to do .”


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