Taxi Drivers Endorse NNPP Candidate, Tijjani


Painted bus drivers in Abuja have endorsed the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) candidate, Mubarak Tijjani, for the Senate seat ahead of the February 2023 general election in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

The head of the taxi drivers union that operates under Painted Abuja Taxi Nigeria Limited, Comrade Shehu Yar Adua expressed confidence that Tijjani will protect the interests of the union if he is elected.

He said that the group will gather 800 members in their database to campaign and ensure the victory of the NNPP in the FCT parliamentary elections.

Yar Adua decried the behavior of past FCT senators and incumbents, who sought the support of the party when seeking votes and abandoned it when elected, saying that is why their party defected from Their various political parties include the All Progressives Congress of which he is a member. Join the New Nigeria People’s Party for the revival and distribution of democracy that has eluded them since 1999 when Nigeria returned to local government.

He said the biggest problem facing taxi drivers in Abuja is the double tax where the six local councils will want to pay the daily service ticket and also want members of the community to drive the taxi. transfer from one local council to another; and the elimination of restricted areas including the presidential villa, the National Assembly, government offices and private lands that are prohibited from transporting passengers there, while unpainted taxis that are not registered by the government for that purpose have access to those areas.

Responding, Tijjani assured the group of a good representation that would solve all their problems and provide an enabling environment for their business to thrive.

He said the issue of double taxation and restricted working environment will be resolved if he wins the senatorial seat.

The NNPP candidate also promised to ensure that all taxis used in Abuja are painted including Uber and Bolt and are owned by Painted Taxi Drivers Nigeria Limited under the same group.


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