Structureless Obidients Cannot Uproot APC In Imo – Ogazi


The chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo state, Kenneth Ogazi, has said that the Obident party and the Labor party cannot remove APC from ruling the state.

The ‘Obidients’ are those who follow and support Peter Obi, Labor Party (LP), who will run for president in the 2023 election.

Ogazi, who spoke to journalists in Owerri yesterday, said the APC in Imo state led by Governor Hope Uzodimma is still the party to win.

He said that the Labor Party or Obidients movement has no system, so it is not possible for any party or party to dislodge the APC, which has reached the ground and is rooted in the state.

“How will the social media group, which really does not have a strong political system, dislodge the ruling party, which has a dangerous and dangerous system from the ward to the federal government?

“Politics is not rocket science, it is not magic. No political party works from the air. Will it be on the ground, where are they in Imo state? There were?

“Winning elections is not about social media. Social media has its limits when it comes to winning elections especially in Nigeria.

“APC came to power in 2015 not only through social media.

“We can defeat Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) because the APC is formidable. We have structures and presence in 774 local governments and all departments in the country. They are not only in social media. Media Advertising does not have a vote. There is no voting section on the Internet.

“Where are the structures of the Obidients or Labor party in Imo state?. Are they the ones who lost the primaries in APC and PDP, who have joined the Labor Party? Are they the emergency system of the Labor party in Imo state?

“Look at history, no unorganized political party has won an election. It’s impossible.

“In Imo state, the ruling political party wins the election, not a random party.


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