Nollywood Actor Speaks On Endorsing Presidential Candidate For N10m


Veteran Nollywood actor, Tony Umez has condemned a viral report alleging that a particular top presidential candidate offered him a certain sum of money to endorse them ahead of the general elections.

Naija News reports that the actor in a recent interview with Punch Newspaper said the reports about endorsing a particular top candidate were untrue and fabricated.

According to the actor, endorsing anyone publicly is not his style, adding that only people close to him know who he is supporting.

He maintained nobody approached him to endorse anybody, stressing that he has his preferred candidate.

He said, ”That report is false, and I don’t know where it emanated from. Nobody has approached me for anything. Nobody approached me to endorse anybody for N10m. I have my preferred candidate.

“I have not endorsed any candidate publicly that is because it is not my style. However, people who know me know who I am supporting. Publicly endorsing a candidate is the choice of anyone who decides to do that. Whether the person is doing it for money, or so as to be noticed in exchange for pecuniary gains, I don’t know.

“For the entertainers that have endorsed candidates, I don’t know whether they were paid or not. One cannot force anybody to support one’s candidate. Politics is a game. We all have reasons for supporting particular candidates. If my reason for supporting any candidate does not appeal to anyone, that does not give them the right to castigate me.

Why There Is So Much Rage In The Land

“It is just that there is a general feeling of rage and anger across the land because of all the things we’re going through as a nation. Some people believe that when one endorses a particular person, one is doing a disservice to the nation, going by what we have on ground. The bottom line is that politics is a game. Anyone can play it, but they should not insult others in the process.


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