My Mission Is To Rescue Nigeria, Says Obi


The presidential candidate of the Labor Party (LP), Mr. Peter Obi has said that he is leading a political party to save Nigeria and prevent the country from going under.

Speaking in Lagos after the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate from Anambra State in the 2021 governorship election Hon.Valentine Ozigbo and his supporters who defected to the Labor Party, Obi said that he is determined to change the history of our land so that it does not happen. based on imports of goods and services.

He said the lack of exportable goods and the neglect to improve the Nigerian society by the past leaders are the causes of Nigeria’s problems.

The presidential candidate added that the incident caused the currency of the Naira to crash, which made the best professionals stop the country for a good time.

According to him, “A country’s economy is measured in terms of productivity, especially the youth, not necessarily in terms of natural resources.”

He explained that Israel is a small country but it exports more goods than Nigeria even though its population is smaller, saying “Nigeria should be productive, we want a productive country. We want a country where our children will go.” – live in a better society, because of corruption in society, parents now send their children abroad to study, making parents live alone. It is not good, we need to do the right thing for them to return to Nigeria.”

Obi said that Nigeria has qualified people who can turn the country around to be comfortable and safe.

He said it is important to provide security, because people are not comfortable moving around the country anymore.

While welcoming those who withdrew from the party, the chairman of the party LP Barrister Julius Abure said that the Obi party has promoted the development of the party, increased its chances of winning the election and made the party visible to many Nigerians, especially the youths. .

He said that the LP is careful in choosing its candidates, adding that the party produces people who will be reliable and able to win elections.

Abure said that “many Nigerians are under poverty, because the cost of living is increasing and there is need to save the situation so that people don’t start going to the dump to look for food, it is good that we deliver this country. That is why Peter Obi is running for office.”


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