LG Electronics Introduces UVnano Technology


LG Electronics has introduced a new technology to keep harmful bacteria and viruses at bay with the new LG’s UVnano.

The company said in a statement that the introduction is a breakthrough that represents the future of personal care. ‘‘This innovative sanitization technology works to eliminate 99.99 per cent of harmful germs in just a few minutes using ultraviolet light. First off, how does the UV disinfection technology work? Simply put, UV products work to inactivate bacteria and viruses. UV light kills viruses by changing their DNA and RNA and destroying their ability to reproduce. The technology is being adapted in many other products now, including those we use at home.

‘‘LG has always stood out for technology innovation, and they haven’t lagged in launching features that promote healthier living at home. LG’s UVnano technology basically uses built-in ultraviolet light to eliminate 99.99 per cent of harmful bacteria and germs in just a few minutes, per LG’s tests.

‘‘The latest refrigerator with InstaView Door-in-Door technology that LG introduced to the Nigeria Market in 2022 is among the products that incorporate and highlight this sanitation feature,’’ the company said

According to the company, there is a type of ultraviolet light that does kill viruses, it’s called UVC. It said, ‘‘The UVC light is an extremely effective tool against decontamination and sanitisation.

the best way to kill viruses in water. So how does UVC work, and how effective is the use of ultraviolet light in drinking fountains, water refill stations, and dispensers to provide safe drinking water? UVC rays have the shortest wavelength of the three main types of UV rays. It is a powerful tool against decontamination because it destroys molecular bonds that bind the DNA of viruses and bacteria.’’


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