At Home, Work Place, Nigerians Are Prone To Attacks – Bashir


Please tell us about yourself.

I was born in Kano state on August 2, 1968 from a humble family of Islamic scholars and merchants. My parents are Hajiya Rabi’at and Muhammad Basiru Alkalin Jahun, son of Alkalin Sumaila Isyaku, son of Hajiya Hannatu, daughter of Waziri Gidado, son of Hajiya Asma’u (Dodo), daughter of a famous person in Islam. , Liman Zahraddeen (Liman Zara).

I am an engineer. After finishing primary school, I went to Bagauda Technical College. After that I went to the City and Guilds of London Institute where I studied Mechanical Engineering. I then completed a Masters in Gas Engineering and Management at the University of Salford, Greater Manchester, UK.

I obtained a Diploma in Financial Management from Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University. I worked for many years in the Oil and Gas Industry.

I am an Exxon-Mobil trained petroleum engineer at the Exxon Chemicals Training Center Abingdon, United Kingdom. I was at different times the production manager of the largest and most innovative oil blending company in Africa, producing various levels of synthetic and industrial products and vehicles for consumption and export. .

I am also a certified aviation fuel manager trained by Flightline UK in the production, distribution and storage of aviation fuel. I use Jet A1 unpolluted jet fuel. I have been doing only local and international flights with the best crew for five years. These include Nigeria Airways, Chanchangi, Bellview, British Airways, Lufthansa and Airforce One during the visit of US President JW Bush to Nigeria in 2002.

I was the team leader in designing, building and laying the first natural gas pipeline; The second was the famous Engr O. He was with Gaslink then; a subsidiary of Unipetrol Nigeria Plc.

I am the construction development manager of Oando PLC responsible for the importation, exportation and commercial and logistics services of various grades of bitumen to construction companies all over Nigeria.

I was also part of the conceptualization of the NIPP power plant of Omotosho and Papalanto and one of the Kaduna 84mw Dual Fuel Power plants currently in financial closure, among others.

I am a member of various professional bodies including Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), International Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers, (IGem), UK and Energy Institute UK, International Institute of Risk Management.

In 2019, I am the main candidate for governorship in PDP. This year, I was a leader in APC politics but the politicians in the state jumped me.

My campaign for the governorship seat in APC focused on the promotion of electricity/power, health, agriculture and job creation.

Although I joined the campaign early, the general consensus was that I was “a good candidate but in the wrong party”.

Religious Activities:

I studied Islamic and Christian scriptures. I read the Quran from Fatiha to Suratul Nass and the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. I am the initiator of the Kano Covenant, a religious framework for unity between Muslims and Christians in Kano, Northern Nigeria.

I go to different churches and speak on Sundays preaching religious harmony. CNN, BBC and Aljazeera network covered our event.

We have a strong relationship with Jamatu Nasir Islam and leaders of the Christian Association of Nigeria.

I am married to Hussaina and Hadiza, we have six children; four boys and two girls.

How would you assess the current security situation in the country?

In fact, to talk about the current insecure situation in the country is an understatement. The situation is like going from the frying pan to the fire.

Let me give you an example. When President Muhammadu Buhari came in 2015, all the talk of insecurity was in the North East. And even in the North East, it is in the suburbs, not in the city. One can go to Maiduguri. There can be attacks in Ngileri or anywhere but in the country, there is a lot of peace.

Although outside the country, there are a few local governments where the rebels rule.

The only two states that people can say are peaceful are Kano and Jigawa.

It means that distrust is growing at a high level. From the North East, he won the North West and even other states in the South and South South regions. There are serious problems of insecurity such as kidnapping, extortion and other types of terrorist activities.

Initially, the challenge was centered on Boko Haram activities but now it has become commercial, including kidnapping for ransom. Wherever people are, whether at home or at work, they are often attacked. No one is safe. I think it goes from bad to worse.

What do you think about the attack on Kuje Correctional Facility?

It is a national shame. If it can happen in the National Correctional Center located in the center of the Federal Capital Territory where the President is, likewise the Chief Justice of the Federation, Senate President, IGP, SS Director, Speaker, NIA Director, among others, then, where is. better?

We heard that the DSS report showed that it could happen. There is a premonition of what is about to happen. The first similar information was received before the attack on the Kaduna-Abuja railway line. Yet, in all these things, nothing was done in haste.

The main condition, apart from the financial aspect, is that they demand the release of their colleagues who have been arrested and kept in prisons in correctional facilities all over the country. They want the release of their commanders.

That should make the security agencies aware that these intentions are to attack the correctional facilities all over Nigeria especially Kaduna-Abuja where you have the rights of those arrested there.

In fact, they are enemies. The question is, why do you have to arrest terrorists all these years and keep them in a dangerous place because Kuje prison is like an island. You can approach it from 360 degrees.

When the US captured all the Al-Qaeda members, they took them to Guantanamo Bay. If someone is coming ten miles away, they can see you and pick you up. Why would you keep these brutal criminals while you are in the house of these criminals? One, you give small criminals access to big criminals who have the desire to employ them.

Number two is the weakness of the place because it is not safe. I think all the security buildings of this country are collapsing due to incompetence and bad governance.

A leader should hold his head high when others lose theirs. He should be able to think for the country and be active.

How do you see the threat of the Senate to impeach the president?

Abuja is surrounded by terrorists and bandits and there are more than ten different reports from the DSS showing that Abuja is surrounded by terrorists. As for me, this has passed the next time through the Senate. They are not doing this to save Nigeria and Nigeria but for their own interests.

I think Abuja used to be a good heaven because they all left their departments and came together in Abuja with all their brothers and sisters studying there. It is good that Abuja is not good anymore.

Let me refer to a famous American movie called, “Nowhere to Run” now, they are pretending that they are going to shoot the president. But how long have these problems arisen?

Are you satisfied with the country’s economic situation?

While I was talking to you, I sent someone to exchange two hundred dollars for me, he said that a dollar is about 700 naira to one dollar in the black market.

You see, I have had the opportunity to travel everywhere and I have lived in some countries from 1994 -1995. If you go to Saudi Arabia, USA, China, some parts of Europe and UAE, the value of the dollar is stable there.

For example, if you go to the UAE, the dollar and dirham are 360 ​​and fifteen to twenty years ago, it’s like that. Why is it not available in Nigeria?

You can’t give what you don’t have. This is just government growing powerless. You have ministers and the only two ministers who were dismissed were those who disagreed with the so-called cabal; not because they did wrong. If you were to put them on a scale of interest, they are much better than ministers.

I have never seen any government, whether in Nigeria or in other eras, where the president treats his appointees as civil servants. Appointees are those who have less time to serve but if you are working as a government employee, you have to work for 35 years before you retire unless there is something that makes it so you leave the job. That is why it is guaranteed to be permanent in the pension.

Therefore, all the political appointees of PMB, as I said, are permanent and pension because no one has lost his job since the beginning of the administration until today. He did not see fit to change his cabinet.

This means that everyone is doing better than average but you and I know that if you go from Kano to Abuja or fly today to Lagos, it is a dream. The 7am flight is delayed until 12pm and there is no excuse and the only excuse is the reason for the work which should not be the case. Nothing seems to be working well today in Nigeria.

The economy has collapsed. The CBN governorship that Buhari inherited from Jonathan who they accused of being unfit, corrupt and unscrupulous is the same person they transferred to their administration and he is there with the dollar climbs every day and is paid accordingly. to be there.

So, you can’t keep trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

The Minister of Finance is appointed by him abinitio; the minister in charge of education, aviation, labor, is one person. Secondly, ASUU has been working all this time, the minister is on vacation, and the president did not consider it appropriate to make his appointees answerable and work.

Therefore, the role of the CEO is to pay and fire; that was his first job. So, if you can’t bring in a good person and put someone in a position and he doesn’t work, the next thing you can do is fire him by firing him so that other people can sit.

The question here is, how many years did it take President Buhari to change his officials? Personally, I wrote and published it in a newspaper but the man did not listen. It seems that this country speaks English and it speaks French.


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