America stands with Taiwan – Nancy Pelosi


US lawmaker Nancy Pelosi has ended her Taiwan visit. She had arrived on Tuesday evening in Taipei alongside some congressional delegations, before leaving the island on Wednesday afternoon for South Korea.

The visit comes days after it was reported that it could have a ‘‘severe impact on the political foundation of China-US relation.’’

Pelosi had previously visited Malaysia and Singapore and had not mentioned that she would visit Taiwan as part of her Asia tour. She went ahead with the trip despite concerns from Washington of possible attack from China.

Her trip comes at a low point in US-China relations. Her going to Taiwan had raised international concerns because of the budding Chinese-Taiwan crisis. The visit stood as a show of support by the US for Taiwan despite China’s threat of invasion.

The self-governing democratic island has been facing the threat of possible unification with China.

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In response to Pelosi’s visit, China has suspended some of its trade with Taiwan. The suspension covers fruits and fish imports from Taiwan and export of natural sand to the island.

President Tsai thanked Pelosi for visiting, praised her long commitment to democracy and human rights and bestowed on her Taiwan’s highest civilian honour.

Pelosi told reporters on Wednesday that “America stands with Taiwan” and China will “not stand in the way” of people coming to visit the island.

“We have to show the world, and that is one of the purposes of our trip, to show the world the success of the people of Taiwan,” she said.

“We want Taiwan to always have freedom with security and we’re not backing away from that.”

She also praised Taiwan as “one of the freest societies in the world.”


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