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African Democratic Congress (ADC) has promised to promote national unity, peaceful coexistence and security among Nigerians, if elected in 2023.

The Director-General of ADC Global Campaign, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, who said Nigeria needs to be rescued from misrule, urged the citizens to ensure that the right political party and candidates are elected to deliver the country from the present socio-economic and political quagmire.

At the launch of the North West chapter of the party’s Unity, Peace and Development Lecture Series at Arewa House, Kaduna, yesterday, Suleiman said unlike other political parties fighting for their parochial interest, “ADC is fighting to address the challenges of ethno-religious division that has brought up ‘multiple Nigerias’ where everyone is only concerned about himself and his tribe or religion, to the detriment of others, and ensure that everyone sees himself as a Nigerian in Nigeria.

“ADC preaches unity, co-operation and open opportunity through which different parts will come together to function as a whole. The symbolic handshake on the logo of ADC suggests national integration to promote peace and harmony and reduce conflict among different groups.”

According to him, if there is national integration, the resources in different regions can be jointly exploited and enjoyed.

“This gathering, in this unique place, in Northern history, represents the high point in activities that will lay the foundation for the end of poor governance, indifference, insensitivity and unprecedented plunder that characterise successive administrations since the end of the First Republic. A few months from now, Nigerian youths will troop out to offer a verdict over their future in the February 2023 elections.

“It will mark the cornerstone for a massive mobilisation of a people desperate for credible and accountable leadership, to defy decades of entrenched sentiments that had fed the fiction that there are multiple Nigerias; the Nigeria of the Yoruba, the Igbo; the Hausa/Fulani; as well as the Nigeria of Muslims and of Christians. Nigeria is made up of more than 300 ethnic groups with varying cultures. And for Nigeria to develop, it needs to come together for every member to have a common sense of belonging,” he asserted.

For him, one of Nigeria’s biggest problems today is that politicians don’t play politics in the interest of the nation; “instead they play it to achieve their personal interest to the detriment of the people.”


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