2023: Obi Has Capacity To Wriggle Nigeria Out Of Present Challenges


ADP party leader, Chris Emejuru, has declared Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labor Party (LP), as the only candidate he has the power to take Nigeria out of politics, politics and its wealth. is pushed in.

Mejeru, the presidential candidate of ADP, appealed to Nigerians to look for a presidential candidate with character, compassion and intelligence in the 2023 election.

Speaking during a briefing with journalists on Yhursday, the United States-based Nigerian has condemned the deteriorating situation in Nigeria, saying there is no need to implement policies to tackle inflation. .

This, he said, led to a situation where Nigerian citizens could not afford to eat or put fuel in their vehicles.

He said, “Character is being who you are when no one else sees it. Being fair and being a good person. Being the best you can be. This leads to compassion. Care about your citizens, care about people no matter who they are or where they come from.

“My ideal student is a person of principles, a person of common sense, and a person who really cares about society. A candidate who does not judge based on the part of the country you come from and his interests are to unite and not divide. Someone who wants to end police brutality, end bad government, end poverty. I believe that a candidate who, although not perfect, comes close to the idea These people are Peter Obi”.

Memejuru recalled that he supported the All Progressives Congress APC in 2015 with high expectations that the ruling party would take Nigeria out of the jungle, even as he regretted that the Buhari administration had done terrible things under expectations.

“There is no implementation of the necessary laws to address the rising cost of living where Nigerians cannot afford to eat or fuel their vehicles; persistent strikes in critical sectors such as health and education where professionals health is leaving the country for greener pastures and the dreams of future lawyers, doctors, scientists, and many other career paths have been arrested because of the government’s dissatisfaction.

“Increasing poverty and lack of economic opportunity is affecting all people and families in Nigeria, when there is no consistent power and electricity that every Nigerian should have, and insecurity from threats that isolation from parts of the country, and terrorist activities, prisons breaking through attacks. Maximum security prisons, kidnappings, etc. Buhari rose on the platform of reform but he will eventually have one of the most corrupt, incompetent and illegitimate governments in the history of Nigeria,” he said.


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